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Meditation, the key to finding your true “self”

The over-stimulation of information and the great intellectual requirements imposed by our society have led us to develop a habit of being and living mostly in our brain. We are taught that intellectuality is to be rewarded. Also, the infinite access to information pushes our brain to drift away and then we ask it to figure out: what to do, where to go and how to be. As a defence mechanism, we grow into a person of pure logic and of complex thought patterns. These same thoughts that we have learnt so well to create since very young eventually trap us. We realize that the person we believe to be is entirely made of impermanent thoughts, coming and going. When this day comes, we turn inner-wards in search for more.

What if I tell you, that our thoughts are not under our control, but are a flow resulting from our experiences and interactions with our surroundings? Are we just a thinking being directed by the sum of our past living experiences? We were made with a brain but we are not only defined by it. Many people forget that they are also a body. I am not talking about the body as an instrument of strength, pleasure, action or biological support, but rather as the intelligent living being that is able to tell us what’s good or bad, right or wrong without the need of the brain. This body has subtle messages for us, hidden in different parts. They come in the form of feelings, intuitions and emotions. These are easy to suppress and forget. We should remind ourselves that inside us exists an emotional being without any rationality but with the same amount of "knowing". We were all this exceptional emotional being as young child.

What if I tell you, we are more than just a brain and a body? More than intellectual and emotional, we are also a vibrant being of energy capable of attracting or repulsing anything around. This is a concept sometimes difficult to grasp but possible to discover through certain life experiences such as moments of creativity or love. Creativity, for instance, can be seen as a process of creation whereby we channel a pure energy from outside of ourselves. This often happens when you align your mind and body on a purposeful action with good intentions. Your body becomes the medium for the energy / vibration / inspiration to flow and manifest in some kind of form. Your mind is just an observer enjoying in peace. So often our own creation will amaze us and make us question ourselves. The creative process frees our mind from time, past regrets and future expectations. We live it with great presence. This energy can be expressed in other beautiful ways and reveal to us our energetic and spiritual being.

What if I tell you, we can be our true self, free from all fears? That we can develop a safe observing being, conscious of all our inner subtleties. A being able to notice our different layers and tell what makes us special intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. A faithful being independent of all the impermanence in life, a wise guide, deeply rooted in the silence of our own "self".

What if I tell you, meditation is the key to grow this conscious "self"? Only him will tell you your true "self", your purpose.

Therefore, I invite you to turn your curiosity towards the practice of meditation. More will be written in future posts about the benefits of meditation and how to meditate.

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