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The emotional root of diseases

It is surely not new for you that diseases and illnesses all have an emotional root. Research has consistently found in the last years that emotions and thought patterns can contribute to imbalances within the body. This occurs mainly because the nervous, endocrine and immune system are connected and it is why mental health has become key in prevention. This stands for a light headache due to stress, to a stomach upset due to fear or to more serious cases like cancer.

This is in line with PranaYog healing from my previous article, which says that low or negative emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, jealousy, fear, guilt or stress will unbalance your aura and respective chakras and if left “uncleaned” for a long time it can result in a disease in your physical body. In fact, similar to Chinese Acupuncture or Reflexology, each chakra of your body is the centre that fuels energy to a specific organ in your body and each chakra is influenced differently by emotions and experiences. Therefore, you can assess the root of any disease based on the organ or part of the body that is affected. Your body becomes a map for you to interpret. Your body is smart: it constantly sends you messages and it is up to you whether you read them or not.

For instance, your higher chakras such as the crown chakra are mostly connected to diseases in the nervous system or your brain due to a general feeling of disconnect while your heart chakra is mostly related to circulatory ailments and lungs due to feelings of extreme sadness. It is quite intuitive when you think about it. Of course, elements like inheritance and the environment (pollution, technology, etc.) are important contributors to disease but suppressed or stuck emotions are by far the major PREVENTABLE one.

The end-line is that all chronic diseases begin with an emotional upset. This is why in psychology it is so important to be able to feel and express in a healthy way all the spectrum of emotions. Therefore, to avoid the buildup of toxic emotions you need to remain present and aware. Work through your emotions as they come up, don’t be afraid to question and share them with others. It will contribute to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Also, exercise, meditation and journaling can be great techniques to establish a balanced connection with the body.

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