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Food for Soul  seeks to empower people to live a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life. It offers content and services that set you off in your path to self-discovery and provides you with personal development tools that will serve you throughout your life. Food for Soul is mainly focused in Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching for individuals as well as Happiness Consulting services for companies. 

About me. My name is Jessica and I am half-Italian, half-Portuguese. I started off my career in business but it was only a matter of time until I was at the front of the line working with people.

Behind every passion lies a personal story.  I have had my fair share of suffering such as bad breakups, being in a job that didn't fulfill me, developing IBS, having to care for my mother with terminal cancer, dealing with financial distress amongst others. Each time, I Iearnt that suffering was my biggest tool for self-improvement. Nevertheless, I had to learn to see its hidden blessings and how to grow with it. Once I did, I constantly reinvented myself into a better and stronger person. 


My method of working is a unique mix of my Health Coaching certification from IIN, my Happiness Business School certifications, the knowledge of different life coaching seminars I participated in and a number of complementary certifications such as in Energy Healing and Yoga (RYT 200) to further assist in the transformation of the people I work with. I work both online and in-person and can give coaching consultations in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Speak to me here or via 
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I am always looking forward to meeting new people, their opinions, feedback, ideas and opportunities. Feel free to send me a message for whatever reason your heart tells you to. 

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