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put your people first 

Corporate  happiness

I am Jess and I am here...

to measure your company happiness,

to design your happiness plan,

to help you implement a positive culture.


Partnership with


Christian Vezjak, Co-Founder

After a few sessions with Jess, she started supporting my team at Kiitos too. Everyone who spoke with Jess felt very similar to me and she was able to create a broader awareness (and a feeling of understanding) at Kiitos.

Talks & Workshops

A great way to plant seeds for a positive workplace culture is to provide inspiring talks and personal development workshops to your employees. These are meant to inspire, develop their self-awareness and equip them with tools to be and feel their best. Not only is continuous learning & development a key aspect of employee motivation but also a great way to hold them accountable for their own growth and internal happiness. Examples of topics are: Mindset for Happiness, Pillars of Healthy Living, Coaching Yourself for WellBeing, Efficiently Working from Home, Mindfulness, Empathy, Resilience.

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A step further in your involvement is to offer the possibility to your employees to receive regular coaching sessions. This ensures that your workforce has someone they can go to with both personal and professional issues that may be affecting their performance. This support accelerates their transformational processes and sets them on the path to success which ultimately comes back to your success as well. Think one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching, support groups for employees going through a specific issue that can undermine their performance (grief support groups or groups for women who are going back to work after maternity leave for instance).

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Along with creating a sustainable corporate happiness plan comes the need to train. In particular managers and employees with leadership roles. Positive leadership and knowing how to effectively manage a team  directly results in a great workplace culture. This is why we offer a Positive Leadership Program, a Happiness Management Program and a Meditation Program.

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In our consulting process, we lead the way to raise awareness by measuring happiness and the major assessable factors in your organization, providing personal training to teams, helping you build your organizational happiness plan, and accompanying your process. We will guide you through follow-up sessions to discuss ideas, suggest practices, and keep measuring and tracking progress.

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