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Connect  with  who  you  are 

I am Jess and I am here...

to listen to your problems, 

to guide you towards knowing yourself,

to help you find your path to greatness.




Alessandro, Rome, Italy

"Working with Jess has been a truly transformational experience that has greatly improved many aspects of my personal and professional life. I was unsatisfied with: spirituality, creativity, health and sense of purpose. She is competent, kind and genuinely passionate about her mission of supporting people’s development. I will keep working with her for a long, long time..."

Areas I Work with My Clients


Nurturing Relationships



Energy levels


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Spending habits

Career Direction

Sense of Purpose



one-on-one COaching Programs

  There is a path to

Food for Soul's coaching programs have been designed to focus on the main pain points I have identified during my time as a coach. Every program can be taken online or in-person, and requires a commitment to a minimum of 6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions together. There is no quick fix when it comes to sustainably making changes and implementing new habits in your life and therefore the total duration of the program will depend on the client’s progression towards their goals and overall satisfaction. The sessions will be completely personalized to every client and have the common purpose of helping you get where you want to be so you can feel happier with your life.


& Grieving

Often this program is associated with feelings of sadness, frustration and loss. Ending a relationship or losing someone dear to us is a big transition in our lives that confronts us with many different emotions and in which we might lose our sense of Self. I can help you find your strength again by recovering your individuality and creating your own relationship vision as well as, help you find greater fulfillment in your personal relationships by better understanding them.

This program in often accompanied with feeling lost, confused and unsatisfied professionally. This program is meant for those who want to take a next step in their career that is aligned with who they are and what they love. I will help you get to know yourself to a deeper level and consider your past experiences, strengths and passions for your next career move. This program will help you gain direction and take action towards feeling fulfilled in your career.



Feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm or symptoms such as digestive issues and bad sleep might be present for someone interested in this program. You are having trouble finding your life balance or implement healthier habits. Through this program, we will work together on pinpointing the root causes of the problem and will discuss and experiment with strategies to solve them. I will help you implement healthier habits sustainably and start practicing radical self-care.

Life Balance

This program is for the seeker. For those who are constantly looking to be their best version, love learning about self-development and are ready to work on every aspect of their lives.  You understand that every area of your life is deeply interconnected. You want to dive deeper into who you are and who you want to become no matter what life area that entails. As your coach, I will help clarify your vision for the future and clear out whatever is on the way of you becoming that person. 


For any of the coaching programs, I offer an introductory session for free that you can use to further clarify what coaching program is the right one for you.

One-Off CoachinG SESSION

This is a 2 hour one-on-one session that is meant to work together on any specific issue that came up in your life and can be dealt with a one-off session. Therefore, if you are feeling stuck around a particular topic or need some clearing before you make a decision, this could be a good option for you.

GROUP Coaching Programs

Group-coaching programs are offered both online and in-person and focus on one of themes covered in one-on-one. The program is held over a fixed period of 2 months with weekly group sessions. The biggest value of group coaching is the community factor. Connecting with a tribe of people with similar values and beliefs, who want to see you succeed and are lovingly sharing their stories as well as viewpoints to problems, can be truly transformational. With group coaching you not only benefit from the coaching itself but also from the energy of the group and its collective wisdom. You are all in it together. Also, this program is a more affordable option if you are looking to start your self-development journey.

If you are interested in receiving group coaching reach out to me via email or message as to when the next available group coaching program is starting. 

Still unclear about what is coaching?

My Method of Coaching

Bringing balance and positive changes to all areas of your life.

Our relationship will be the foundation for successful coaching. Together we will build awareness, empower you in making choices and propel you forward by taking actions that are aligned with who you are and what you want to achieve.


My coaching method relies on 4 simple concepts: real listening, powerful questioning, supporting you in setting goals and inspiring you to take action. This entails a lot of self-discovery work as well as the willingness to experiment with a number of tools that we will discuss during the sessions.

I consider both bioindividuality and the person as a whole in the process. Each person is different, so my job is to fully understand your uniqueness so we can come up with what is best for YOU. Also, I will carefully consider each of the areas of your life and how they interact together when coaching, as I believe that positive changes can only be sustained when you are feeling happy and balanced throughout all the areas of your life.

Let's work on a 

Better You

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