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Learn to live on higher vibrations

Everything has an energy. Therefore, everything carries a vibration. This holds true for a chair, a tree, a sound as well as for your thoughts, words and feelings. Because your body is made up of atoms and water that are in constant state of motion, or “vibrating” if you will, science has demonstrated that thoughts, words and feelings can influence the crystal structure of water and cells and eventually change their function. This comes back to my post on the emotional root of diseases from last week.

For your cells to function optimally, your thoughts, words and feelings need to be in harmony with your cells which is the case of positive, kind and inspiring thoughts. However, anger, jealousy, sadness, resentment or guilt can contribute to imbalances and diseases over time because their lower vibrations change the way the body functions at a hormonal and immunological level. Low or negative emotions unbalance the body at its atomical level because of their low vibrational frequency.

Have you ever sensed the different energies of people entering a room? How some look ashamed and afraid and hence transmit lower vibrations while others are joyful, “energetically fill” the room and attract others attention? Do you ever assess your own energy? At which frequency are you usually vibrating? Knowing that you should be nurturing higher vibrational emotions over lower for your body to be in balance, you can use the chart bellow to serve you as guideline for the frequency of emotions:

Another interesting aspect of this chart, is that vibrational frequency and consciousness go hand in hand. At higher vibrational levels like Joy, your perceptions are heightened and you feel more connected to everything around you. You are more connected to the energy of the Universe, feel love and gratitude more easily. This is why, higher vibrational emotions are associated with expansion and enlightenment spiritually. At lower vibrational levels however, your perceptions, intuition and source of energy feels limited. When you are grieving or feeling guilty for example you close yourself off, contract your energy and fell less connected to everything and everyone. This is why it is so important to watch your thoughts, words and feelings so we can vibrate higher!

Nevertheless, it is easy to get stuck in emotional loops and spirals that take you to negative paths. The emotions scale chart bellow can be used as a mindset tool to assess anytime where you stand emotionally and help you attain higher frequency emotions in a organic way. Instead of aiming at joy if you are feeling depressed for example, it helps you to aim at the next emotion up the scale from depressed and so on, until you get out of a downward spiral. Believe me, moving one emotion up the scale will already make you feel better! Lets say you are feeling bored then aim at contentment, if you are feeling angry than aim at discouragement. No feelings are right or wrong, but it is important to learn to minimise lingering lower emotions. Not by suppressing them, but instead by expressing and releasing them or by slowly and organically transforming them into "better emotions" (aka. higher in frequency and in the emotional scale chart).

Abraham Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale

The vibrational frequency behind emotions, thoughts and every element of our body also explains how vibrational or energetic healing therapies work. This stands for more obvious vibrational therapies such as Reiki or Homeopathy but also for less obvious like Crystal Healing or Sound Therapy. The same way you can harvest the energy of plants to heal your body, you can use crystals that have extremely high vibrations condensed in the form of a rock. So, have you ever noticed how a certain music can make you feel up or down? How you may need the energy of the sun when you are sad or how being outdoors in a forest helps your feel more inspired? How each food you eat affects your mood and energy levels?

By eating you are intaking the energy of each food so it is only natural that highly nutritious energetic foods such as nuts or fresh and organic fruits and vegetables (high and rich in vitamins and nutrients from the sun) have a higher vibrational frequency. Interestingly, the vibration of the food can be increased by adding unconditional love when cooking or before eating it which is what many people unconsciously do when they are blessing and expressing gratitude for their food! Isn’t that beautiful? :)

So, if you would like to raise your vibrational frequency here are a few tips:

  • Nurture positive, kind and inspiring thoughts

  • Use the emotional guidance scale to help you move up to higher frequency emotions

  • Chose your environment wisely: surround yourself with positive people & spend quality time in nature

  • Feed your body real nutritious food giving priority to non-processed, organic and home-cooked food

  • Use music to your advantage: it can be a great emotional outlet and help you to change your frequency

  • Free your mind by going for a run or by meditating

  • Practice gratitude for what you have

  • Use essential oils or drink a herbal tea

  • Treat yourself to a vibrational therapy such as Reiki, a Sound Bath or Crystal Healing

I hope this article helped increase your awareness for the energy and vibration of each element, inspired you to aim at higher vibrational frequencies and gave you some tools as to make healthier choices at every level.

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