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PranaYog, an energy healing technique

PranaYog says that you can channel the energy of the different pranas: sunlight, air, earth, water and food for healing purposes. Prana means life force and it is called "chi" in china and "ki" in Japan. In fact, the energy of the sun or vitamin D has already been recognised as an important supplement for your immune system and general mood. The earth's gravity provides you with grounding spiritually but it is also proven to be essencial for bone density for example. The same rational goes for water and food. The better the quality and source of the water and the ingredients you consume the healthier you will be. As to air, many people forget to acknowledge this vital source of energy but how long can you actually live without breathing? This has been given more importance in the last years with the rise of yoga and meditation but it is usually something people take for granted, forgetting to assess the quality of their breath. Breath is powerful as it can shift emotions which can solve blockages in your body. Nevertheless one prana should not be undermined in favour of the others as they are all connected and equally important. The key is balance.

Therefore, PranaYog simply channels the vital energy of nature, which is infinite, towards the energy centres of your body, your “chakras", that in turn feed and nurture each physical organ of your body. It is fundamental that these chakras be balanced otherwise it will have an impact on your related physical organs. This is why, before getting any physical disease, your energetic body, also known as your aura, already shows signs of this by either having congested or depleted chakras. Everything is surrounded by an aura or an energetic field. This can be assessed with magnetic machines or better yet with aura photographic cameras that will show very clearly the “health” of your aura. Again, you want it to be stable and balanced. This is why in PranaYog the healer will first check for energy abnormalities that may be having an impact on the physical body already, clean these abnormalities also know as "sick energy" and finish by energising the client by revitalising and replenishing each of its chakras with prana.

The science behind is fascinating and makes a lot of sense but the only way to actually integrate it is to experience it for yourself without any judgement or expectation. Just being open to the experience. What have you got to lose? :)

I am happy that Antonio and me gave this a chance. We began the PranaYog workshop a bit sceptical as the theory behind this healing technique is so simple that we didn’t know what to believe until we experienced it. We finished our retreat feeling stronger and equipped with an incredible self-healing tool. I promised myself I would test it further on my IBS and since then there have already been a few times in which I was able to heal Antonio when he was having a migraine or digestive problems.

I felt a bit confused at first on how I would distinguish and combine this with health coaching, BARS and Reiki which are the techniques of healing I already know. However, I quickly understood they are all connected and that learning a new technique only makes me stronger as a healer as I can use these techniques in my unique way as to make the healing more effective according to the case. Each person should feel empowered, stronger, healthier and at peace with these tools and this is why I would like to share it with as many people as possible in the hope that it will allow them to amazingly shift their life in the same way it did to mine over and over again since I first encountered “this world of self development and healing”.

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