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How to find a meaning behind our actions?

Spiritual understanding is attained through the right life experiences and vice-versa. This virtuous cycle of self-discovery starts with a genuine intention to grow into the better version of ourselves. It is a conscious search for moments of presence and inside peace. Therefore let’s have a closer look at a short spiritual message about Karma which I found along my travels. I hope it will inspire you as it did for me and help your inner-self on its spiritual path.

"Karma is not something

complicated or philosophical.

Karma means watching your body,

watching your mouth and

watching your mind.

Trying to keep these three doors

as pure as possible is the

practice of Karma."

Lama Thubten Yeshe

In this short message, Lama Thubten Yeshe shares his wisdom about Karma. He tells us that any and every single action is preceded by a cause and produces an effect on our surrounding environment. Even the smallest insignificant actions are meaningful. The impact of each one leads us to a better or worse situation. In a way, we are the sum of all the actions we chose to take! Therefore, developing consciousness around our actions and understanding causality will help us chose rightfully and attract only “good” to our life.

Practising our “good” karma is simple, but not always easy. In the present moment, we should observe every movement that our body makes, words that come out of our mouth and thoughts that our mind creates. We should ask or see for ourselves: what is the impact they have on others around us. Do we make others suffer? Or do we make them happy? Are we constructive or destructive? This will help us develop sensibility, leading us to a greater inner freedom and clairvoyance. Slowly, you can sense your old habits, social pressures and thought patterns being dissolved and washed away. We are creating space for consciousness to take control over your life and not the other way around.

Our karma is constantly evolving, but our past karma/actions will always remain our given foundation for experiencing the present life. Life itself is the constant balance of energy. Depending on the energetic exchange in our previous actions, we will be pulled to the respective energetic direction. For instance, if we lie about something, eventually we will be caught and suffer a lack of trust from others and so on. The same logic can happen with positive actions such as practising compassion. Once we are clear on that, we can then understand what leads us to act and where our life is leading us to. The present moment is always an opportunity to shift our karma from negativity to positivity. It is by nurturing a habit of mindfulness that we can start to grasp these energetic swings and handle them to our inner advantage. Slowly, we are able to watch our own actions being directed towards a more positive and constructive path.

Our life is full of these loops of cause and effect which, put together make a big spiral. So, is your life on an upward or a downward spiral?

Self-development tip:

I find that the tone of our actions and thoughts, therefore our Karma, is deeply interconnected with our emotions and our own energy frequency. I vastly recommend you to read a blog post on “Why you should live on higher vibrations”, where you will find interesting content to help you become more mindful over your own emotions that in turn will provide you with the space to practice or live on a good wave of karma.

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