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Day #26: Healing Retreat


In the North of India there is a small village called Pragpur. Enclosed you will find the Asho Meditation and Healing Centre, a family house that was restored by a couple by the name of Hardesh and Supriti Sood. Today they use the house for retreats and workshops on healing and meditation but their main center is in the village of Dharma Shala.

In the past week, we were in this house for their PranaYog Healing and Meditation Basic Workshop along with the daughter of their niece and two other Russian girls who were doing a more advanced workshop. It was the perfect opportunity for us to establish the spiritual routine we were looking for. Everyday we would wake up at 5.15am for a Hatha Yoga Class, have theoretical and practical classes on PranaYog Healing, eat delicious healthy food and have several opportunities to meditate.

Nevertheless, the first days were not easy as we had a lot of low feelings coming up and we weren’t sure whether we had made the right choice by coming to this retreat. We weren’t expecting as much theoretical classes and to learn in depth an actual healing technique which derives from Pranic healing and other techniques this couple blended together. We had begun a bit sceptical and felt a lot of the theory was being given to us but we couldn’t yet fully understand how it would all fit together.

It turns out that by day 3 it all made sense! Our body and mind had slowed down and we finally got to the more practical part of the workshop which allowed us to finally EXPERIENCE what had been taught to us the last days. At this point, we had learned in depth about the chakras, the aura and how to assess whether someone’s chakras are depleted or congested which is the origin of any disease in your physical body. So we had already done a lot of work and exercises around our chakras and awakened some uncomfortable feelings or blockages in our energetic body but only by day 3 did we actually get to clean, energise and actually heal each chakra. The difference was tremendous! We finally felt lighter, more happy and understood the purpose of what we had been learning. By balancing back each of our chakras we immediately felt more balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The most impactful experience I had was when I received healing from Antonio. That morning I was having a lot of abdominal pain due to my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and since we had just learned how to heal the chakras, Hardesh told Antonio to thoroughly clean my solar plexus, navel and spleen chakra which are directly related to the intestines and colon. The relief was immediate. As Antonio was doing the healing on me I could feel the pain dissipating. Tears of gratitude came to my eyes as I was getting rid of this acute pain that didn’t let me sleep the night before. It was hard to fully believe it until I experienced it and even then, it felt like magic.


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