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Day #1: The departure

Antonio, Lisbon,

It all started with a dream when I was 17 years old travelling with my family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During that trip, I set the intention to the Universe that one day I would travel the world. This intention gave me a feeling of expansion beyond my own body and mind that I wanted to explore at the right time.

10 years later, here I am on a plane to my first destination: New Delhi, in search of experiencing the world. I am bringing with me a special person to my heart, my wife Jess. This is a one-way trip that fed our relationship with personal dreams of exploration, multiple interesting conversations and a big change of life. I am feeling sad for leaving London, my family, friends and this beautiful summer where Jess and I got married behind. At the same time, I am super excited with the endless possibilities this world trip could provide us with. Physically, I am not great. I caught a cold two days ago and I have been trying to get rid of it with no luck. Nothing can stop us now, Jess and I, starting a new life as husband and wife, as traveller buddies and soulmates. The Universe has answered to our intentions and I feel that everything is slowly making sense. We have planned very little but we already have a few Indian friends offering to welcome us in New Delhi (Mr. Jan) and in Jaipur (Mrs. Veena).

This trip is a wonderful chance for us to kickstart new life habits, rest and explore our passions and interests. I would like to finish this first intent of writing with a list of habits that I and Jess would love to implement in our travelling routine:

- Obviously, write a little bit every day

- Wake up early, ideally before 7am

- Meditate and do Reiki every day

- Work on our website Food for Soul

- Keep our body, mind and relationship healthy

- Cook

- Learn about the country and its people

I now realise that this list is probably giving a direction to my future writings. I would like to finish by setting the intention of opening my mind to the world, my heart to its people and my soul to Jess.


Jessica, Istanbul,

The day is finally here! We have talked about this trip for over two years, have been preparing it for one and probably dreamt with it for many years now.

We have our layover to New Delhi in Istanbul but unfortunately we don’t have enough time to leave the airport. I hear Istanbul is a nicer version of Morocco and would really like to visit it. Instead, we used the time to make sure all our devices were working.

The flight to New Delhi already feels like a new world. I noticed that there are mostly Indians in the flight. I would’t usually realize this but because I am so curious I couldn’t help to notice it. It all feels like one at first but if you look closely you spot the differences: the colours, the clothes, the faces, the smiles. All friendly but shy. Could this be a glimpse of what my mom fell in love with in India? I am hoping she will be with us during our trip, looking out for us and showing us the wonders of India and the rest of the world.

Leaving wasn’t easy. There were lots of details to arrange this last week and I was exhausted after the wedding. We worked every day for the wedding these past two months and we are in need of a good rest. I couldn’t be happier to finally spend some one-on-one time with Ant, I miss it! I am really excited to go travelling with him and that we finally get to enjoy freely our time. Without to-do lists or limitations. Where will this take us?

Like I said, leaving wasn’t easy. Especially, leaving my house! I was stressed and leaving culminated in all the memories I had there: of my childhood, my mother, my family and the possibility that I might not come back to this house again. It felt empty and devastating to leave it but I knew I had to do it.

The only thing I am really happy about is to have Ant by my side. I am sure it will be a great learning opportunity for both of us and I leave trusting that the biggest teachings and breakthroughs come from facing the biggest fears. I can only ask that this trip will make me and Antonio better. Better with ourselves and even better together.

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